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The story of Kathrin and Samuel
Kathrin is from NewZealand
Samuel is form India
They met in a volunteer camp in South America where they both shared the passion for helping kids learn English and help preserve the rain forest.
After spending close to 2 years there, they decided to move to India and continue the volunteering near Samuels home town in the state of in Rajasthan, North India.
Kathrin and Samuel worked hand-in-hand with Indian villagers to advance the community and education as well as hosting visitors to the area that also sometimes end up helping and volunteering.
When Kathrin and Samuel met with the head of the local Temple where they were staying, he showed them the Lotus toy that was made out of Bamboo tree and was passed to him from his father which helps him meditate and reach deep calm. They both asked for his permission to make those things to allow more people from all over the world to learn about it and to meditate with it.
This meditation toy is made by Kathrin and Samuel and is dedicated for promoting meditation and calm for people from all religions and races, and most income from the sales of this product is dedicated to the advancement of the people from Rajasthan and the Temple.
Kathrin and Samuel
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