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Ancient Indian meditation toy

The Gentle Way of Buddhist Meditation
"You can live in a consumer society but then you are not affected by the environment. In this connection, there is a beautiful Buddhist symbol. The Buddhist symbol is being like a lotus. Where does the lotus grow? In muddy water. Now the lotus flower is able to grow in that muddy water without being affected by the muddy water around it. So this is the importance of the Buddha's teaching, that when you live within society, within the environment, you will be able to steady your way and not be affected by what is happening externally because a shift has been taking place inside you..." quoted from Godwin Samararatne on the Importance of Dhamma, 8th October 1997

About the shapes

  • The Lotus: This is the beginning, at first we’re all equal and the symmetrical shape of this lotus symbolizes that equality, as we grow everyone develops in different directions later on in life
  • Cosmic egg: By folding the arcs and pulling the center out we arrive at the cosmic egg shape. This shape is reminiscent of the shapes found in the Sahara desert about 250 years ago, which were said to be eggs from space that haven’t been hatched. The mystical undoubtedly are attracted to this shape, and pressing just right will turn the egg to a spaceship
  • Hourglass: By folding the arcs and pressing the center we arrive at hourglass shape, where everything is measured in time, but the book of Ecclesiastes says that everything has it’s time. The patient and accepting are those that are attracted to this shape, and are the ones that take the time and always want to be on the other side
  • Star of David: By folding only one side of the arcs we arrive at the Star of David shape. How can one man overcome a giant problem? You probably know the story of David and Goliath. People that believe in themselves even against all odds are attracted to this shape, knowing that they can change the world. This symbol is also the shape that represents the Jewish faith
  • Lotus Flower: By folding the arcs lightly upward and pressing the circles together we create this shape. Look inside and you are drawn into it, and if you like it you are probably reminded of meditation since you sit and fold your legs in the same way too
  • King scepter: By folding the two arcs and pushing the center in, we arrive at the King Scepter shape. This shape is reminiscent of the shapes found in the in drawings from the old Egyptian kingdom where the Pharaoh was always holding the scepter. Leadership skills are the dominant characteristic of those that are attracted to this shape
  • Queen bracelet: By folding the arcs and pressing the shape in, we arrive at the Queen Bracelet shape. This shape is reminiscent of Queen Cleopatra large bracelet collection. Those with a keen sense of beauty and aesthetics are attracted to this shape
  • Saturn: By collapsing the arcs, we arrive at the Saturn shape. This shape is reminiscent of the planet Saturn in our solar system. This shape is also a familiar shape of depictions of UFOs as well. Space and astronomy attracts you and sense of adventure is one of your dominant characteristics
  • Wheel of life: By opening the arcs and extending the main body, we arrive at the Wheel of Life shape. Life is a turning wheel and sometimes when we’re down we want to go back up. There are some religions that talk about reincarnation as a rolling of the soul from one place to another. What would you want to be in your next round?

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