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Letter from: Raphael and Linda Webster, NY on 3/24/2006
To Kathrin and Samuel ...
We just arrived home after staying in your camp and also stopping by in Singapore on the way back. Those were truly wonderful and enlightening 10 days and  thank god for the great work you're doing. We love the Lotus Toy and it is a hit with the children too especially Mathew. We miss you and want to invite you over if you ever happen to visit the US. Warm regards to your daughter Liz and your dog Sveti too.
Letter from: Jim Thornton, TX on 5/4/2006
The truth is that I'm not much into Yoga or Meditation, but one day my kids got home with one of those toys and left it in the living room, I picked it up and started playing with it while watching the TV and I found that it was kind of relaxing. So I don't know if this is what it's supposed to feel when you meditate? but it works for me.
Letter from: The Sculley Family, Australia on 7/6/2006
This is so simple it's just ingenious. It's good to know that some of that money also goes for such wonderful use. We'll miss you and hope to meet again soon.
Letter from: Monique Sorenson, Holland on 2/17/2007
At the beginning i was skeptic but definitly the lotus toy is beautiful also as a decorate.
For a long time i was trying stop smoking but you know at that point you start eating all day so i decided that instant of eating i will play with the lotus toy.
To my surprise it worked for me and i almost don't smoke, the problem is that we have only one lotus and i have to share it with my two kids.
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